Baizhang monastery, (towards) Anfu, Jiangxi, CN

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Unnamed monastery-2, headed by Pai-chang (Hyakujo) (749-814), Kiang-si province, CN. Mahayana: Ch'an line. Active during Pai-chang times and onwards. Src: Thich Thien-An (1975:53)
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"Baizhang Huaihai was the direct heir and most famous disciple of Mazu. †After leaving his master, he set up his monastery at Baizhang Temple in the high mountains of Jiangxi Province, China."

"Baizhang Zen Temple (Baizhang Chan Si) near Shangfu City, Jiangxi Province, China"

This is the Baizhang village and the road that brings you up to this secluded Zen temple in the middle of nowhere.

My hometown Baizhang village in Anfu, Ji'an, Jiangxi, China
27∞ 23' 31.34" N 114∞ 33' 52.46" E
Lat 27.392040 Long 114.564571

Anfu, China Page
Other names: An-fu-hs¸,An-fu-hsu
World:China:Jiangxi Sheng
Lat 26.6258 Long 115.9692

Shangfu, China Page
Other names: Shang-fu-chen,Shang-shu
World:China:Jiangxi Sheng
Lat 28.6833 Long 115.0000

"Many zen ancestors centralized in Yichun. Among the hills, there are millions of dragon and elephant parlanced in Yichun. Such as Yuanzhou Xiying temple, Jing an Bao feng temple, fengxing Baizhang temple, Yifeng Dongshan Huangpi. During zen five families, Lizong was borned in Huangpi of Yifeng. Cao Dongzong developed in Dong mountain of Yifeng. Wei Yangzong died in yang mountain of Yuanzhou district. MaZhuDaoYi, BaiZhangHuaiHai, HuangPiXiYun, YangShanHuiJi, DongShanLiangJia etc. dignitaries assemble in Yichun"

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Other names: Y¸anchow,Yuan-chou,Yuen-chow-fu,I-ch'un-hsien,I-ch'un-chen,Yuanchow,I-ch'un,Y¸an-chou
World:China:Jiangxi Sheng
Lat 27.8333 Long 114.4000

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Other names: Fengsin-hsien,Feng-hsin-hsien,Feng-hsin-hsien-ch'eng,Fengxin,Feng-hsin,Fen-hsin,Fengsin
World:China:Jiangxi Sheng
Lat 28.7000 Long 115.3833

Pai-chang Huai-hai (Jap., Hyakuj? Ekai; 720 814). Ch'an/Zen master, dharma-successor (hassu) of Ma-tsu Tao-i. His major achievement was to establish a rule of life for Ch'an monasteries, thereby securing their independence and self-identity in relation to other Buddhist schools hence his title, […] His rule was first practised in the monastery he founded, Ta-chih shou-sheng ch'an-ssu (Jap., Daichijusho-zenji), […]

"Baizhangshan (also named Daxiongshan) was located in the west of Xinwuxian of Hongzhou (in present-day Jiangxi)" Jinhua Jia (2006:98)

He stayed on Daxiong Shan, or Baizhang Shan, in Xinwu, Jiangxi Province. He was a disciple of Mazu Daoyi (Baso DMitsu) (709-788), who, as a disciple of …

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World:China:Jiangxi Sheng
Lat 27.8133 Long 116.1850

"We will go to Fengxin to visit Bai Zhang temple in Bai Zhang mountain ,studying  the “Tian Xia Qing Gui” and attending  zen action ; Then having lunch in Bai Zhang temple. In the afternoon , we will go to Jing’an Baofeng temple to visit ancestor Ma’s grave tower ,listen the zen speak by dignitary. Then having supper in the Jing’an and return back."
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Location of Baizhang monastery, CN.

General location of the Baizhang monastery, CN.
Lat 27.392040 Long 114.564571
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (, 2009.

Google Map link:,%20CN)&ll=27.392040,114.564571&spn=05.0,05.0&t=k&hl=en

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