Ch'in-liang monastery, (in) Nanjing, Jiangsu, CN

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Fa-yen Wen-i (J. Hogen Bun'eki). A T'ang dynasty Chinese master [lived 885 - 958 - tmciolek] who founded the Fa-yen lineage, one of the five houses of Chinese Zen; also known as the Fa-yen school. Fa-yen gathered disciples at Ch'in-liang-ssu, his monastery in Nan-ching [Nanjin, Nanking - tmc]. - Baroni (2002:89)

[In Nan-ching] the monastery of Seiryo-ji (Chin., Ch'in-liang-ssu]

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Lat/Long coordinates' accuracy:
The monastery in question is assumed to be situated actually no farther than 20 km from the point defined by the coordinates below.

Location of Ch'in-liang-ssu monastery, CN.

General location of the Ch'in-liang-ssu monastery, CN.
lat=32.0617 long=118.7778
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (, 2009.

Google Map link:,%20CN)&ll=32.0617,118.7778&spn=05.0,05.0&t=k&hl=en

Final data - explanatory notes

1. Monastery's name

  • Ch'in-liang - Baroni (2002:89)

2. Monastery's modern country & province

  • China:Jiangsu Sheng

3. Monastery's alternative/historical names

4. Monastery's lat/long coordinates

5. Other known nearby Buddhist monasteries

6. Modern name of the known nearest city, town, or village

7. The settlement's alternative/historical names

8. The settlement's coordinates

9. Monastery's major Buddhist tradition

  • Mahayana - Baroni (2002:89)

10. Monastery's Buddhist sub-tradition

  • Chan/Zen - Baroni (2002:89)

11. Date-early

  • [missing data]

12. Date-intermediate

  • Fa-yen [885 - 958] had a monastery at Ch'in-liang-ssu, in Nan-ching. - Baroni (2002:89)
  • MBM chrono-tag 0900-32p 0933-66c 0967-99p - tmciolek 13 Jan 2013
  • 0900-32p 0933-66c 0967-99p dated-x

13. Date-late

  • [missing data]

14. Details of contacts with other monasteries

  • [missing data]

15. Type of evidence regarding the monastery

  • [missing data]

16. Additional notes

  • [missing data] (incl. details of the size of the monastic population)….

17. Corrections & addenda to this page were kindly provided by

  • [missing data]

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