Dhamnār monastery, (in) Dhamnar, Rajasthan, IN

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" Dhamnar - Village in Indore State, Central India, situated in 24° 12' N. and 75° 30' E., of interest on account of the numerous old excavations, Buddhist and Brahmanical, which exist in a low hill of coarse laterite of a very friable description. The Buddhist excavations are situated at three points on the scarp of the hill, but only those on the southern face are of any importance. These consist of a series of rock-cut caves, some being dwelling-rooms and others viharas (monasteries) and chaitya halls (churches). There are fourteen caves of importance, of which the Bari Kacheri ('big courthouse') and Bhim's Bazar are the finest. The Bari Kacheri consists of a chaitya hall, 20 feet square, containing a stupa. It has a pillared portico, enclosed by a stone railing cut to imitate a wooden structure. Bhim's Bazar, the largest cave in the series, measuring 115 feet by 8o, is curious as being a combined vihara and chaitya hall. The roof has fallen in, but that of the chamber in which the stupa is situated was ribbed in imitation of wooden rafters. The remaining caves are smaller. One contains a recumbent figure of the dying Buddha; and figures of Buddha occur in other caves. The age of these constructions is put between the fifth and seventh centuries, a century or two earlier than those at Kholvi. […] A similar series of caves is situated at Poladongar near Garot, and others are found at Kholvi, Awar, and Benaiga in Jhalawar and at Hatigaon and Ramagaon in Tonk, all within a radius of 20 miles.
[A. Cunningham, Archaeological Survey of India, VOL ii, p. 270. Imperial Gazetteer of India, Volume 11, page 283

"At Dhumnar [i.e. Dhamnar - tmc], about halfway between Kotah and Ujjain, are a series of about 60 or 70 caves,
cut in coarse laterite conglomerate. One is a chaitya cella, in the midst of a vihara; its date probably is the 6th century A.D." http://library.britishcouncil.org.in/IndiaCollections/CyclopediaOfIndiaVol1-C(Part2).pdf

Dhamnar, India Page
Other names: Dhamnār
World:India:State of Madhya Pradesh
Latitude 24.1833 Longitude 75.5000

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Location of Dhamnar monastery, IN.

General location of the Dhamnar monastery, IN.
lat=24.1833 long=75.5000
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (http://maps.fallingrain.com), 2009.

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  • Dhamnār monastery

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  • India:State of Rajasthan

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