Dharmrajeshwar monastery, (near) Chandwasa, Madhya Pradesh, IN

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"The monastery of Dharmrajeshwar and its monolithic Shiva temple are very much in tune with the Ellora complex of Buddhist monastery and Hindu- Jain temples. The experts believe that the temple and the monastery are of the same period when the Rashtrakuta kings were commissioning famous monolithic temples of Ellora.
The Dharmrajeshwar monastery is situated at the Chandwasa village, on the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. It may be reached by road after alighting at any of the stations; Shamgarh, Bhawanimandi or Ramganjmandi. […]
DHARMRAJESHWAR - The back- water of Gandhisagar dam washes the backyards of the village Chandwasa. […]
The historians believe that the rock-cut monastery and the brahmanical Dharmrajeshwar temple belong to 7th-9th century AD. It is approximately the same time when the Rashtrakutas commissioned the monolithic temples at Ellora. The architectural similarity is fascinating. The southern and western rock-face has a well planned monastery with more than 70 living quarters, pavilions, meditation halls, stupas and images of Lord Buddha and his disciples. In a large prayer hall a floor to roof stupa stands in the center of the hall with enough space on all sides for circumambulation. A large relief image of Lord Buddha stands at the entrance of a pavilion. Lord is bestowing blessings on the humanity. Nearby an image of Kuber, the god of wealth and equally important in brahmanical and Buddhist iconography stands guard to the inner quarters. In a passage carved within the hillock, we see a chiseled image of Lord Buddha in reclining pose ( Nirvan Buddha) with his disciples standing and watching the Lord attaining Nirvan.
A sacred medallion with a relief image of a stupa adorns all the gates and doors of the monastery. Small rock- cut stupas are scattered all over the place. The rain water harvesting and collecting system for the monastery is a marvel of engineering."

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Other names: Chandwāsa
World:India:State of Madhya Pradesh
Lat 24.2000 Long 75.4667

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Location of Dharmrajeshwar monastery, IN.

General location of the Dharmrajeshwar monastery, IN.
Lat 24.2000 Long 75.4667
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (http://www.fallingrain.com), 2010.

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