Dong-Duong monastery, (in) Dien Ban, Quang Nam-Da Nang, VN

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The kingdom of Champa
Dong-duong monastery. Founded c. 800 by King Indravarman II. Place soon ravaged by Annamites (Britannica 1966b:91-92). [Most likely the name of the king is in error. The name should read Jayavarman II (c. 770–850) - tmciolek, 16 Jan 2013]

Dong-duong Monastery at Indrapura, Champa (Vietnam)

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Indrapura - The city of Indrapura is now called Dong Duong, not many miles from present-day Da Nang and Hue. Da Nang used to be the city of Singhapura and is close to the valley of My Son, site of many ruined temples and towers.

Founded in 192 AD., the Champa kingdom, whose beautiful capital, Indrapura, was located near present-day Faifo on the Central Viet-Nam coast,

"Indrapura, see - Quang Nam - region and ancient city, Vietnam, 15DE53N 108EG16 E" Austin (1983:80)

Dien Ban, Vietnam Page
Other names: Ðiện Bàn,Kwang Nam,Quang Nam
World:Vietnam:Tinh)) ((Quang Nam-Da Nang
Lat 15.8858 Long 108.2569

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Other names: Faifoo,Feifu,Hội An,Faifoh,Faifo
World:Vietnam:Tinh Quang Nam
Lat 15.8794 Long 108.3350

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Other names: Turan,Tourane,Ðà Nẵng
World:Vietnam:Tinh Da Nang
Lati 16.0678 Long 108.2208

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"With the exception of the temple of Dong Duong (AD 875), Cham architecture does not have buildings of the grand scale of those found in Java or Cambodia. […] Indrapura (Dong Duong)
The Cham religious center of Indrapura was the site of an important Mayahana Buddhist monastery, the Monastery of Lakshmindra-Lokeshvara. Indrapura served as the capital of Champa from 860 to 986 until the capital was moved south to Vijaya (Cha Ban near Qui Nhon)." [notes by Minh Bui References: Forms and Styles of Asia-Champa, Prof. Jean Boisselier, 1994] -

"Dong Duong Buddhist monastery in imperial capital - Champa ancient towers"

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The monastery in question is assumed to be situated actually no farther than 2 km from the point defined by the coordinates below.

Location of Dong Duong monastery, VN.

General location of the Dong Duong monastery, VN.
lat=15.8858 long=108.2569
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (, 2009.

Google Map link:,%20VN)&ll=15.8858,108.2569&spn=05.0,05.0&t=k&hl=en

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  • Dong-duong monastery - E. Britannica (1966b:91-92).

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  • Vietnam:Quang Nam-Da Nang

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  • Founded c. 800 by King Indravarman II [the name should read, most likely, "Jayavarman II" (c. 770–850)]. - Britannica (1966b:91-92).
  • MBM chrono-tag: 0800-32p - tmciolek 16 Jan 2016
  • 0800-32p 0833-66c 0867-99c 0900-32p 0933-66p 0967-99p dated-el

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