Ghosrawan monastery, (near) Tetrawan, Bihar, IN

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"Ghosrawan was another Monastic site that is said to be an extension of the Nalanda University. The site is only two miles south of Tetrawan and from the records and evidence available, it was also another place where student-monks went to perfect their understanding of the Dharma. […]
In his report Cunningham refers to' the great mound, close to the west of the village' with the site of the Vajrasana monastery or Vihara where the inscription was discovered by Kittoe amongst its ruins. What Cunningham saw in 1875 and had his subordinates to measure of the mound was, recorded by him as 350 by 200 feet and was 17 feet high. Even at that period of time, he observes that the remains 'had been considerably spoiled by the villagers who were seen quarrying it for bricks.' According to him, the building may have been a temple about 34 feet square, with a room 16 feet square inside. From the remains of the pillars found by him all around the structure, he concluded that it was surrounded by an arcade extending all around the temple, with rows of rooms at the back for the attendant monks. It appears the building was surrounded by an open court yard, paved with bricks, since he exposed a brick pavement on the west side of the temple. Cunningham deduced; "The whole building would have thus formed a square of about 120 feet each side, surrounding a temple 140 feet in height. Outside on the south there may have been a stupa and other buildings connected with a large monastic establishment." […] In the course of the excavation Cunningham found a pot full of small coins of the Pala kings, Vighrahapala and Mahipala. The ruins can, therefore, be easily assigned to the 9th century CE."

"The vilage of Ghosrawan is located about twelve kilometers east of Nalanda and ten or eleven kilometers southeast of Bihar Shariff." S. Huntington (1984:119)
"The village of Tetrawan is situated about 3 kilometers north of Ghosrawan." S. Huntington (1984:119)

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Other names: Tetrāwān
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Lat 25.1333 Long 85.5833

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"Ghosrawan is a small village situated in the state of Bihar, India. The significance of Ghosrawan stems from the fact that it stands on the site of a very large and important Buddhist Monastery. The monastery, probably known as the Kapotaka Vihara, even founds a mention in the account of travels of Hiuen Tsang [ven.xuanzang], the famous Chinese traveler [sic]. "
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Location of Ghosrawan monastery, IN.

General location of the Ghosrawan monastery, IN.
Lat 25.1028 Long 85.5887
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (, 2010.

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