Gunai monastery, (near) Bhawani Mandi, Rajasthan, IN

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"The rock-cut monasteries of Kolvi, Vinayaka, Gunai and Hathyagod in Jhalawar district in south-east Rajasthan may be attributed to the post Ashoka period, when Buddhism enjoyed royal support in this region.
[…] The Buddhist monasteries of Kolvi, Vinayaka, Gunai and Hathyagod have excellent approach roads and may be conveniently reached from Bhawanimandi or Ramganjmandi, which are two important halts on Delhi – Mumbai railway line. […] The road links are available from Kota and Jhalawar."

"The monastery of Gunai stands on the main road and it has 9 rock-cut living quarters.
A little ahead on the road is a famous Kayavarneshwar Shiva temple at Kyasara. The place is much revered by the devotees of Lord Shiva and they throng in thousands during the Mahashivratri fair to pay their respects to the God. The floral diversity of the area is very rich. The rare flowers of glory lily can be seen here. The lotus blooms in the temple tank add to the beauty of the place. [= Approx. Lat 24.3623 Long 75.8097 - tmciolek, 26 Sep 2012] "

"Dag: Renowned for some 12th century A.D. temples of Dageshwari Mata, Rani ka Maqbara and Kaya Varneshwar Nath at Kyasara."

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World:India:State of Madhya Pradesh
Lat 23.9333 Long 75.8333
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"The Kolvi Complex (protected by the ASI and also the most approachable cave) can be accessed from the Bhawani Mandi railhead [Lat 24.419 Long 75.830 - tmciolek, 26 Sep 2012]; a 3-km long gravel path to the right side of the main road will lead you here. Do remember that you need to climb up by about 200 ft before you reach the cave. A steep walk up a hill will get you to both the Vinayaka and Hathyagod caves as well. […]
The Gunai Cave - A short distance away [from Kholvi caves - tmc], has nine residential quarters. The Kayavarneshwar Shiva Temple, with a lotus pond, is a little further on, and is quite crowded with devotees on Maha Shivaratri. The Vinayaka Cave Complex is full of bats and is the farthest from the main road. It has 23 residential quarters (some double-storeyed) and a stupa-like temple structure. Though the Hathyagod Cave is the first one from the Bhawani Mandi side, you may want to visit it on your return to Jhalawar. A tough climb up the hill will take you to the cave's rock-cut temple and 11 residential cells."

Gunai - Not to be confused with another Gunai that is a small village in Dewas District in Madhya Pradesh State. -

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Location of Gunai monastery, IN.

General location of the Gunai monastery, IN.
Lat 24.3627 Long 75.8063
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (, 2010.

Google Map link:,%20IN)&ll=24.3627,75.8063&spn=05.0,05.0&t=k&hl=en

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  • Gunai monastery

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  • India:State of Madhya Pradesh

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  • Bhawani Mandi railhead - Lat 24.419 Long 75.830 - based on identification of the railway station in maps and satellite imagery,, tmciolek, 26 Sep 2012]

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