Guṇṭupalle monastery, (near) Kamavarapukota, Andhra Pradesh, IN

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Guṇṭupalle, excavated cave monastery - Huntington & Chandrasekhar (2000:57)

"Guntupalle is about 60 km east of Vijayawada. Situated amidst a picturesque hill and ravine, Guntapalle has a rock cut cave, a circular Chaitya Hall (meeting hall), several standing images of Buddha and more than 30 votive stupas and Viharas (monasteries). Both rock cut and structural, architecture at Guntapalle dates from the Satavahana period of 2nd to 1st century B.C. The stupas have limestone cladding over brick-work. The monuments are built on a terrace approached by a long flight of steps.
The Chaitya Hall has an unusual circular plan and a dome shaped ceiling adorned with rock cut beams resembling wooden rafters. A horseshoe–shaped arch stands at the entrance."

"The headquarters of West Godavari district is located at Eluru. Guntupalli is a part of this district and is close to Kamavarapukota. The distance of Gunutupalli from Vijaywada is around 85 kms and from Eluru is 40 kms.
For a Buddhist tourist to Andhra Pradesh, a visit to Guntupalli is highly recommended because it is widely acclaimed to be one of the most beautiful Buddhist sites in the region. The site is located atop a hill and has rock cut chaityas, votive stupas and viharas, several images of the Buddha for you to see. All these Buddhist treasures are believed to pre date even the world famous Ajanta and Ellora caves of Maharashtra. It is also believed that the great Buddhist Logician, Dignaga [ven.dignag] made this place his residence for quiet sometime during his life."

Eluru, India Page
Other names: Elūru,West Godavari,West Godāvari,Ellore
World:India:State of Andhra Pradesh
Lat 16.7000 Long 81.1000

Kamavarapukota, India Page
Other names: Kāmavarapukota
World:India:State of Andhra Pradesh
Lat 17.0167 Long 81.2000

"He was an antevasaka in monastery perhaps aligned to Nagaparvata ie Mahanaga Parvata, the great hill monastery of Guntupalle, located just 27 km north of Peddavegi."…/Indian%20Archaeology%201986-87%20A%20Review.pdf

"Peda-vegi is a village and a mandal in West Godavari district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is located 12 km from the city of Eluru […] Histor. The Eastern Chalakyas ruled coastal Andhra from 700 to 1200, with Vengi, near the village of Pedavegi, as their capital. Historical evidence can be found at the villages of Pedavegi and Guntupalli (Jilakarragudem). […]
Coordinates: 16.770809°N 81.103864°E"

"The ancient city of Vengipura : archaeological excavations at …
Alibris has The ancient city of Vengipura : archaeological excavations at Peddavegi and other books by Inguva Karthikeya Sarma, including new & used copies, […]"…/The%20ancient%20city%20of%20Vengipura%20: %20archaeological%20excavations%20at%20Peddavegi
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"Buddhist monuments
1) Rock-cut temple 2) Large Monastery 3) Small Monastery 4) Brick Chaitya 5) Ruined Mandapa 6) Stone built Stupa and Large group of stupas.
Location: Guntupalle District: West Godavari"
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Dignag - the first Buddhist logician of note. Active c. 400 AD -
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Location of Guntupalle monastery, IN.

General location of the Guntupalle monastery, IN.
lat=17.0299 long=81.1670
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (, 2009.

Google Map link:,%20IN)&ll=17.0299,81.1670&spn=05.0,05.0&t=k&hl=en

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  • Guntupalle monastery

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  • India:State of Andhra Pradesh

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4. Monastery's lat/long coordinates

  • Approx., Lat 17.0299 Long 81.1670 - estimated position (using of the near hill from Kamavarapukota - tmc, 11 Jan 2010.

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