Jagjivanpur monastery, (towards) Habibpur, West Bengal, IN

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"Recent excavations at Jagjivanpur (Malda district, West Bengal) revealed another Buddhist monastery of the ninth century AD. Unfortunately, nothing of the superstructure has survived. However, a number of monastic cells facing a rectangular courtyard have been found. An interesting feature is the presence of circular corner cells. It is believed that the general layout of the monastic complex at Jagjivanpur is by and large similar to that of Nalanda."

“Jagjivanpur or Jagajjibanpur is an archaeological site in Habibpur block of Malda district in West Bengal state in eastern India. This site is located at a distance of 41 km east [when travelled by road - tmc] from English Bazar town. The most significant findings from this site include a copper-plate inscription of Pala emperor Mahendrapaladeva and the structural remains of a 9th century Buddhist Vihara: Nandadirghika-Udranga Mahavihara. […] The excavations resulted in discovery of a part of the brick built Vihara, stupas, cells with corbelled niches, verandah and a large number of anitquities, which include terracotta plaques, terracotta seals & sealings, an inscribed potsherd, beads and other objects for daily use
Lat 25.04 Long:88.374444"

Buddhist Viharas in Bangladesh - Jagjivanapur (E of English Bazar)

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Other names: English Bāzār,Ingrāj Bāzār,English Bazar
World:India:State of West Bengal
Latitude 25.0000 Longitude 88.1500

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The monastery in question is assumed to be situated actually no farther than 2 km from the point defined by the coordinates below.

Location of Jagjivanpur monastery, BD.

General location of the Jagjivanpur monastery, BD.
Lat 25.04 Long:88.374444
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (http://www.fallingrain.com), 2010.

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