Muchalinda monastery, (near) Melchhamunda, Orissa, IN

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"The Muchalinda Vihar, located near the confluence of the Ang or Ong and Nagar rivers at Ganiapali in Samablpur district was not only the earliest of its kind in Orissa, but even in India. A structural monastery of this magnitude was rare during the fourth-fifth century A.D according to the report on the archaelogical excavation of the ruins at Ganiapali, submitted by late historian Dr. N.K. Sahu.
The Vihar at Gganiapali was most likely built after the designs of the Parimalagiri Monastry which had five storyes and lofty towers with four big halls with life size images of Buddha (made in solid gold), according to Hiuen Tsang’s [Xuanzang's] account. The Muchalinda monstery, which covers an area of 1.5 acres, was multi-storyes structure of wellburnt bricks. The extensive floors paved with bricks suggest that there were big halls or dormitories in north, while the site south of the Chaith Hall appeared to have been the residential establishment.
The foundations wall was quite massive, about 0.9 meters in width, containing 12 large layers of bricks placed on strong earth mixed with small stone chips and sandy clay. Small brick walls having foundation on stone boulders run on form the main wall. These were apparently meant for dwelling of holly beggars.
The ground floors seems to have contained a large numbers such small ells., which are 1.8 meters by 2.4 meters. Traces of only four such cells have been found so far. The excavations reveal that the monastery had structural buildings on the northern and southern sides of the main Chaitya Hall. The northern area showed evidence of some dormitories like building and the southern sector gave clear evidence of a number of small chambers clustered together."
tmciolek, 11 Apr 2009

"According to Gazetteer authority( 4 ) Ganiapali is a village in Padampur Sub-division, situated on the river Ong (Ang), 6 miles (10kms.) south of Melchhamunda. Contains some old relies. There are runs of an ancient temple in front of the village School. Two Buddha image have been discovered there. One such image with a hooded – serpent is worshiped by local people as a Goddess. Charles Louis Fabri( 5 ) data’s these two Buddha image to 4th century"

"Melchhamunda  - A village in Padampur sub-division situated 37 Kms. from Padampur. Sone Budhist relics have been found at Ganiapali 10 Kms. from here. the place is identified with ancient Muchalinda, which is said to be a centre of Budhist learning."

"Ganiapali is 73 km from Bargarh. It is popular for Baudhavihar. Two Buddhist images have been discovered here."

Bargarh, India Page
Other names: Baragarh
World:India:State of Orissa
Lat 21.3333 Long 83.6167

Melchhamunda, India Page
World:India:State of Orissa
Lat 21.0833 Long 83.2500
tmciolek, 22 Jun 2010

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Location of Muchalinda monastery, IN.

General location of the Muchalinda monastery, IN.
Lat 21.0833 Long 83.2500
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (, 2009.

Google Map link:,%20IN)&ll=21.0833,83.2500&spn=05.0,05.0&t=k&hl=en

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