Nālandā monastery, (near) Rajgir, Bihar, IN

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Founded in the 5th c. AD (Powers 2007:515)
Destroyed 1200 AD by Mahmud Ghori (Powers 2007:515)
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Of interest is how quickly Nālandā rose from a non-site (not even mentioned by Fa-Hien in the early 5th century) and under Gupta patronage was, within a century, the premier teaching university in the Buddhist world, drawing students from Sri Lanka, Tibet, Southeast Asia and China.
See Sukumar Dutt, Buddhist Monks and Monasteries of India: Their history and contribution to Indian culture (London: George Allen and Unwin Ltd. 1962), p. 328 -329, 342 - 343.

Nalanda Sangharama. Lit. Nalanda Monastery, Unwearied Benefactor Monastery. A monastery seven miles north of Rajagriha, built by Sakraditya; now called "Baragong (i. e. viharagrama)." Src: Eitel (1888:104). Located at the seven miles north of Rajagriha at the present-day Baragaon, it was built in by King Sakraditya of the Gupta dynasty and destroyed in the 14th century. Src: Muller (1995a-present)
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Nalanda - Almost a suburb of Rajgir. The monastic university covered an area of several square kilometers, now occupied by modern villages Jagispur and Bargaon (Huntington 1984:108). Nalanda and the nearby Uddandapura were destroyed by the invading Muslims in 1199 (Huntington 1984:109).

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Other names: Rājagriha,Rajgriha,Rajagriha,Rājgīr
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Lat 25.0333 Long 85.4167

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Other names: Barkāgaon
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Lat 25.2167 Long 84.4167

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Other names: Jagdīspur
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Lat 25.4833 Long 84.4167

"Nalanda was established in the 5th century AD in Bihar, India.[22]. Founded in 427 in northeastern India, not far from what is today the southern border of Nepal, it survived until 1197. It was devoted to Buddhist studies, but it also trained students in fine arts, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, politics and the art of war.[23].
The center had eight separate compounds, 10 temples, meditation halls, classrooms, lakes and parks. It had a nine-story library where monks meticulously copied books and documents so that individual scholars could have their own collections. It had dormitories for students, perhaps a first for an educational institution, housing 10,000 students in the university’s heyday and providing accommodation for 2,000 professors. [24] Nalanda University attracted pupils and scholars from Korea, Japan, China, Tibet, Indonesia, Persia and Turkey."

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Location of Nalanda monastery, India.

General location of the Nalanda monastery, India.
lat=25.35 long=84.4167
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