Natadera monastery, (in) Kômatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, JP

Raw data

Said to have been founded in 717 as Iwayadera, the monastery became known as Natadera after Emperor Kazan paid a visit in the late 10th century.
- Uryû (2003: 225)

The temple legend says that Priest Taicho (Koshi no Taitoko) discovered the location on Mt. Hakuzan, and carved the 11-headed kannon [the main object of worship].
Renamed by Emperor Kazan who was on a pilgrimage after taking the tonsure, the monastery was destroyed in the War of the Northern and Southern Courts (14th century), and rebuilt by Lord Maeda Toshitsune in the 17th century. The architecture, including the Chinese gate and the 3-story pagoda date to the Edo period (1600–1868).

- “Natadera official web site: History”

Input by: Lizbeth H. Piel, Dec 03, 2010

Final data (and their sources)

Last updated: 29 Jan 2014

Lat/Long coordinates' accuracy:
The monastery in question is assumed to be situated actually no farther than 200 m from the point defined by the coordinates below.

Location of Natadera monastery, JP.

General location of the Natadera monastery, JP.
Lat 36.313375 Long 136.420514
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (, 2010.

Google Map link:,%20JP)&ll=36.313375,136.420514&spn=05.0,05.0&t=k&hl=en

Final data - explanatory notes

1. Monastery's name

  • Natadera 那谷寺

2. Monastery's modern country & province

3. Monastery's alternative/historical names

4. Monastery's lat/long coordinates

  • Approx., Lat 36.313375 Long 136.420514 - based on the visual identification of the monastery in satellite imagery, using - tmciolek, 7 Dec 2010.

5. Other known nearby Buddhist monasteries

  • [missing data]

6. Modern name of the known nearest city, town, or village

7. The settlement's alternative/historical names

  • Part of Ishikawa prefecture was once known as the Province of Kaga

8. The settlement's coordinates

9. Monastery's major Buddhist tradition

  • Mahayana

10. Monastery's Buddhist sub-tradition

  • Shingon

11. Date-early

  • Est. 717 AD - Uryû (2003: 225)

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12. Date-intermediate

  • [missing data]

13. Date-late

  • Destroyed in the War of the Northern and Southern Courts (14th century), and rebuilt by Lord Maeda Toshitsune in the 17th century - “Natadera official web site: History”

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14. Details of contacts with other monasteries

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15. Type of evidence regarding the monastery

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16. Additional notes

  • [missing data] (incl. details of the size of the monastic population)

17. Corrections & addenda to this page were kindly provided by

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