Nigrodhārāma monastery, (near) Tilaurakot, Bagmati Zone, NP

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"Nigrodhārāma was a Banyan grove near Kapilavastu, where a residence was provided for the Buddha when he visited the city in the first year after his Enlightenment. It belonged to a Sākyan named Nigrodha, who gave it to the Monastic Order. The Nigrodharama is located at the site of the modern Kudan village, about six kilometres south of Tilaurakot, the citadel of Kapilavastu. The precise location of Nigrodharama is at the following coordinates: 27.528186°N 83.040757°E"
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Other names: Tilaurākot
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Latitude 27.5833 Longitude 83.0667

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Lat/Long coordinates' accuracy:
The monastery in question is assumed to be situated actually no farther than 200 m from the point defined by the coordinates below.

Location of Nigrodharama monastery, NP.

General location of the Nigrodharama monastery, NP.
lat=27.528186 long=83.040757
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (, 2009.

Google Map link:,%20IN)&ll=27.528186,83.040757&spn=05.0,05.0&t=k&hl=en

Final data - explanatory notes

1. Monastery's name

2. Monastery's modern country & province

  • Nepal:Bagmati Zone

3. Monastery's alternative/historical names

  • [missing data]

4. Monastery's lat/long coordinates

5. Other known nearby Buddhist monasteries

  • [missing data]

6. Modern name of the known nearest city, town, or village

7. The settlement's alternative/historical names

8. The settlement's coordinates

9. Monastery's major Buddhist tradition

  • [missing data]

10. Monastery's Buddhist sub-tradition

  • [missing data]

11. Date-early

  • Active at the time of Buddha's life - SG Jan 22 2009
  • MBM chrono-tag <=0200 - tmciolek 6 Jun 2013
  • <=0200 0200-32c 0233-66c 0267-99c 0300-32c 0333-66c 0367-99c 0400-32c 0433-66c 0467-99c 0500-32c 0533-66c 0567-99c 0600-32c 0633-66c dated-el

12. Date-intermediate

  • [missing data]

13. Date-late

  • In the 630s, during Xuanzang's visit, the monastery, most likely the Nigrodhārāma monastery, was already in steep decline
  • MBM chrono-tag 0633-66c - tmciolek 6 Jun 2013

14. Details of contacts with other monasteries

  • [missing data]

15. Type of evidence regarding the monastery

  • Archaeological, architectural

16. Additional notes

  • Large stupa at location of Nigrodharama, Nepal

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