Qinglian monastery, (towards) Jincheng, Shanxi, CN

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The picture to the right is an example of a very unknown monastery called Qinglian Monastery 青蓮寺 that lies in a wild montain landscape near Jincheng 晉城/Shanxi. The ruins of this monastery still show the main gate, the wall enclosure and the main prayer hall with a roof that has been reconstructed.

Qinglian Temple is located at Lingshi Mountain, 17.5 kilometers southeast of Jingcheng City, Shanxi Province.
Perfectly in line with the geomantic omen of facing the mountain with the back to the water in ancient China, Qinglian Temple oversees Lindan River and leans on a tall mountain. A stone tablet on the mountain contains inscriptions from 543 during the Eastern Wei period. The temple is divided into the old and new Qinglian Temple, built in 552 in the Northern Qi and the Sui (581-618)-Tang (618-907) periods respectively.

Qinglian Temple
[…] was built during the Tianbao Period (552AD) in Northern Qi by Monk Huiyuan, named “Xiashi Temple”. Then Buddhist monk Shenmo cultivated himself here in the years of Daizong (762-779) in Tang Dynasty, monk Zhitong wrote “Liubonuomi Shu (an explanation to a sutra) in the years of Zhenyuan (785-804). In the first year of Taihe (827AD), Monk Huiduo came here to hold bodhimandala of saddharmapundarika-sutra and recruited great numbers of disciples of Buddhism. He also enlarged the scale of the temple. The next year, more monks and disciples came here, and the new temple was founded with Puxian (universal virtuous) bodhimandala. The temple was conferred the stele “Qinglian Temple” by the emperor, and the upper temple got the title” Fuyan Chanyuan” (Fane of good fortune)."

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Other names: Tse-chou,Tsincheng,Tseh-chow-fu,Tsinchenghsien,Chin-ch'eng-hsien,Tsehchow,Chin-ch'eng
World:China:Shanxi Sheng
Lat 35.5022 Long 112.8328

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Location of Qinglian monastery, CN.

General location of the Qinglian monastery, CN.
Lat 35.4591 Long 112.996
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  • China:Shanxi Sheng

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  • Approx., Lat 35.4591 Long 112.996 - visual identification in maps.google.com - tmciolek, 31 Dec 2009.

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"In the first year of Taihe (827AD), Monk Huiduo came to the […monastery] to hold bodhimandala of saddharmapundarika-sutra " - http://en.chinahotel.com.cn/ch_scenic_info.php?sl41_No=1968

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