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Researchers with a modicum of expertise in Asian cultures and religions during a period from approx. 200 CE till approx. 1200 CE (i.e. during the period roughly corresponding to the stretch of time counted from the end of the Later Han Dynasty [25 - 220 CE] in China and the end of the Heian period [793 - 1186 CE] in Japan, to the sack and destruction of the India's Nalanda and the Uddandapura monasteries by the invading Muslims in 1199) are warmly welcome at this wiki.

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  • Dr Stewart Gordon (moc.liamg|utsnodrog#moc.liamg|utsnodrog), Center for South Asian Studies, University of Michigan.
  • Dr T. Matthew Ciolek (ua.ude.una.sbmooc|keloicmt#ua.ude.una.sbmooc|keloicmt), Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, The Australian National University.

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