Vrang monastery, (in) Vrang, Viloyati Badakhshon, TJ

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"Buddhist monastery Vrang, IV-VI-VII centuries
It is located on the rock on the left bank of the Vrang Darya River over the Vrang village. […] The monastery is build on Vakhin or Great Buddhist route, which passed via ancient Vakhan after opening Great Silk Route from east to west."

"24. VRANG III. Buddhist Temple. Jamoat Vrang. Located on a moraine on the left side of the river Vrangdara/ Jirafivrang (right tributary of the river Panj). Apart from a separate section of the central yard, the temple has been fully excavated.
The ground on which the Buddhist temple situates, is walled in (length – about 180 m, width – up to 1 m). The planning of the temple was conditioned by the contours of the twisting rocky ledge, only the eastern wall is in a straight line. There are two towers on square pedestals on its corners, monolith, one of them is cone-shaped/ conical (north-eastern), the other is square (south-eastern). […]
The centre of the complex was taken by a yard, free of constructions. Residential adjoining premises were built onto the eastern wall, two more – to the northern wall and other two – to the southern; one of these was isolated and was nearby the western complex (the only one where there was dug a pit/ hole). Premises are of rectangular form (area – 10.58-16.12 square m) with sufas and fireplaces, all had exits to the yard, closed by wooden doors (thresholds have been preserved). During the construction of this Buddhist temple, they used stone only for laying the foundation of the walls. The main construction material was raw brick, from which the upper part of the wall had been built, towers were reveted, sufas were mounted (size of brick – 42x27x10 cm, 28-30x42-41x10-9 cm; 32-30x23-22x9 cm). There are marks of the masters on the bricks – tamga.
On the western slope of the ledge 11 cells were dug, analogical to those that were unearthed in the conglomerates of the Vrang II (Cells). In those times a path from the northern entrance led to them along the slope. […]"

"There is a Buddhist stupa in the village of Vrang - 87km from Ishkashim."

"Vrang. Above the town, on a cliffside pitted with man-made caves, a ritual Buddhist complex from the C.4th-7th was found, consisting of a three-levelled structure dominating the courtyard, which in turn was surrounded by a high wall with towers. Living niches for the monks were along the perimeter."

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Other names: Varang
World:Tajikistan:Viloyati Mukhtori Kuhistoni Badakhshon
Lat 37.0061 Long 72.3742

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Location of Vrang monastery, TJ.

General location of the Vrang monastery, TJ.
Lat 37.0061 Long 72.3742
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (http://www.fallingrain.com), 2010.

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  • Vrang monastery

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  • Tajikistan:Viloyati Mukhtori Kuhistoni Badakhshon

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