Yun-hua-1 monastery, (in) Loyang, Henan, CN

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Zhan Ziqian (fl Sui dynasty, AD 581-618). Chinese painter. After the defeat of the Northern Zhou (557-81), he was summoned to Chang'an (now Xi'an, Shaanxi Province) by the victorious new emperor, Wendi (reg 582-604). […] Zhan Ziqian was among the best of the artists who traversed the land to the growing numbers of Buddhist monasteries and temples, producing wall paintings for Guangming si, Lingbao si and Yunhua si in Luoyang (Henan Province) and Yunhua si Chang'an, for Dongan si in Jiangdu (now Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province) and for other temples in western Zhejiang Province. Tang period (AD 618-907) writers recalled Zhan's wall painting Eight Kings Dividing the Shari (Skt sarira, the relics of a Buddha after cremation), a popular theme in Buddhist painting during the Sui period, at the Chan Buddhist monastery Longxing si in Chengdu, Sichuan Province."

"Chigon 智儼 Ch. Chih-yen (602-668); the second patriarch of the Chinese Kegon school; popularly called Master Shih-hsiang 至相大師 (Shiso Daishi) and Yun-hua Tsu-che 雲華尊者 (Unke Sonja); he was born in Kan-su Province (甘粛省 Kanshukusho, Gansusheng). At the age of 12, he became Tu-shun’s 杜順 (Tojun) disciple, and also learned various Buddhist traditions under different teachers. […] Dwelling at Shih-hsiang Temple 至相寺 (Shisoji) on Mt. Chung-nan 終南山 (Shunanzan) and Yun-hua Temple 雲華寺 (Unkeji) in Lo-yang 洛陽, he propagated the Garland teaching […]"

Yun-hua Monastery
Hua-yen Line of Buddhism.
Students: Fa-tsang [法藏] 643-712 AD

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Location of Yun-hua-1 monastery, CN.

General location of the Yun-hua-1 monastery, CN.
lat=34.6836 long=112.4536
Mapping & images: Falling Rain Genomics (, 2009.

Google Map link:,%20CN)&ll=34.6836,112.4536&spn=05.0,05.0&t=k&hl=en

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